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How To Clean Your Lenses



Your lenses don't ask for much. Treat them to a little routine, and they'll bring you clear, comfortable vision.

It is also easy to care for lenses. Just be sure to follow the routine your eye care professional recommends. For healthy, comfortable lens wear, choose good multi-purpose solutions.

 Rinsing:   washing-hands.jpg 

  • Wash your hand thoroughly. 
  • Rinse each side of your lens for five seconds with multi-purpose solution. 
  • Place lens on palm. Use your index finger and gently rub both sides of lens surface. This ensures that your lenses are free of debris and deposits.
  • Rinse lens again with multi-purpose solution.
  • Make sure to follow the routine your eye care professional recommends.


Disinfect: washing-lens.jpg

  • Place your lenses in a clean lens case.
  • Fill the case with fresh multi-purpose solution.
  • Soak your lenses for at least six hours.


Now your lenses are ready for the next time you need them.



  • Never reuse solution.
  • Replace your lens case every month.
  • Most brands of solution must be thrown away one month after being opened.
  • Lens case should be cleaned and disinfected every week, and replaced every month.
  • After lenses have been used for a while, the material starts to wear out or retain traces of debris even after proper cleaning. Although you won't be able to see the damage, it can lead to your lenses becoming uncomfortable or infected. So do not extend the usage of your lenses beyond the recommended wear schedule.


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